When Are The Love Bugs In Florida

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How love bugs came to florida and no they weren t created to eat mosquitoes it s love bug mating season and the pesky bugs are covering our cars and flying in swarms. Males are tiny only 1 4 long 6mm and the females are only slightly bigger at just under 1 2 inch 12mm long.

Florida Love Bugs Are In The Air And On Your Windshield And In

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When are the love bugs in florida. Bugs or true bugs belong to the order hemiptera florida lovebugs are true flies of the order diptera florida love flies just doesn t have the same ring to it though. The infamous florida lovebugs are no bugs at all actually. It is also known as the honeymoon fly or double headed bug during and after mating matured pairs remain together even in flight for up to several days.

The love bug plecia nearctica is a species of march fly found in parts of central america and the southeastern united states especially along the gulf coast. The love bug a fly in the bibionidae family also known as the honeymoon fly telephone bug double headed bug united bug and march fly is a nuisance any florida motorist is unhappily. Love bugs are a small black fly with a red thorax the part right behind the head.

The species was first described in 1940 by d. The university of florida says they did not introduce the love bug to the state but that in the 20th century the bugs migrated from central america and traveled through texas and louisiana before.

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