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Inguinal hernia both types direct and indirect inguinal hernia may occur at the same time and straddle the inferior epigastric artery. They ll give your presentations a professional memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that today s audiences expect.

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Inguinal hernia indirect inguinal hernia is an inherent injury occurs when entrail omentum or other stomach organs juts through the stomach ring inside a patent processus vaginalis if the processus vaginalis does not stay patent a backhanded hernia can t grow most regular sort of hernia.

Sliding inguinal hernia ppt. Hiatus herniae can be classified into two subtypes fig. Indirect inguinal hernia abdominal contents protrude through internal inguinal ring 30. Sliding hernias are supposed to be more anatomically challenging for a surgeon than an uncomplicated non sliding inguinal hernias.

Rolling or para oesophageal hernia 20 an upward movement of the gastric fundus. Inguinal hernia male inguinal hernia female inguinal hernia 29. World s best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world with over 4 million to choose from.

From 2 per cent to 5 per cent of all indirect inguinal hernias are of the sliding variety. Frequency of sliding hernias is estimated at 3 8 of all elective operations of inguinal hernias. Sliding hernias are those in which part of the wall of the sac is formed by a viscus the proportion of sliding hernias is even higher in the aged.

Sliding hiatus hernia 80 the gastro oesophageal junction goj the abdominal part of the oesophagus and frequently the cardia of the stomach move or slides upwards through the diaphragmatic hiatus into the thorax. Most sliding inguinal hernias are indirect inguinal hernias but occasionally direct sliding hernias can also develop. A sliding inguinal hernia is a protrusion of a retroperitoneal organ through an abdominal wall defect.

Inguinal hernia surgery is the most common general surgical procedure in developing and industrialized countries with around 2 in every 1 000 people undergoing the operation every year. Sliding inguinal hernias commonly involve the colon or urinary bladder. If the hernia is large enough you ll need.

Two key components defect hernial sac 3. The term hernia is derived from the greek word hernios which means budding hernia protrusion of visceral contents through the abdominal wall. A physical exam is usually all it takes to diagnose the problem.

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Hernias of this kind are found almost exclusively in males and usually on the left side. A sliding hernia is one in which a portion of the wall of the hernia comprises of an internal organ. An inguinal hernia could be a serious health problem so you shouldn t ignore symptoms.

Inguinal hernia ppt 1.

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