Protect Your Car From Love Bugs

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After you remove all dried bugs from your vehicle and wash it always be sure to protect areas like your hood and bumper with a good coat of wax. The diamondite ultimate love bug.

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Protect your car from love bugs. The late show with stephen colbert recommended for you. Wax is probably the most basic form of protection for bugs but good practice to keep on your vehicle at all times. Keeping your car properly waxed will help to prevent this acid from reaching the paint on your car.

The diamondite ultimate love bug defense kit is tough protection against acidic bug remains and the damage they can do to your vehicle. Spread baby oil over the insect debris to remove it more easily. The problem is that when you have even one of these little pests splattered on the hood or bumper of your car the acidic fluids from their guts will eat through your car s paint especially when left out in the sun.

It acts as a protective shield so to speak. The university suggests keeping your car waxed to make it easier to remove bug guts from your hood and the wax will also protect your car s paint. Protect your vehicle s paint by washing and waxing and polishing often during spring and fall when the love bugs are around.

Prevent bugs from eating through paint protection to permanently etch the paint by using stronger surface protection and by removing them before the acids can do any harm. Wash and wax the car before traveling. Prepare for the season of the love bug by planning to visit the car wash often.

The bugs contain a type of acid that will eat away at your paint in as little as 24 hours. Spray the exposed areas with the anti stick cooking products. What do love bugs really love.

There are a few things you can do to protect your vehicle from these pests. If left on the paint long enough it can actually pit the surface causing permanent damage. Their acidic residue could damage the paint so remove them right away.

In short keeping love bug populations high helps to keep other plant and animal populations high. Put a screen over your car grill can keep the bugs out of the radiator.

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