How To Keep Away Love Bugs

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10 plants that repel bugs. This includes cabbage worms aphids slugs and carrot flies.

It S Officially The Time Of Year We Don T Love Love Bug Season

We went with more mouth wash than soap.

How to keep away love bugs. One question that seems to keep coming up is. Always keep your lawn mowed. I share it with family and friends and they all tell me i should sell it.

Use this 1 simple trick i learned to keep the summer bugs outside your house while you walk in through the doorway. Keep your home clean. The good news is that are many natural ways for you to keep bugs away.

Use lemon eucalyptus oil to keep bugs off of your furniture or clothing. They keep all kinds of bugs and insects away from your house and your garden. You can plant these in a small pot to keep in the sill of the window.

When you mow cut off only the top one third of the grass to reduce possible breeding grounds for love bugs. Experts at florida gulf coast university believe citronella candles have the same effect on love bugs as they do on mosquitoes home remedies to keep love bugs away abc7 news home. Published jun 10 2016.

Lovebugs dislike citrus smells so lighting citrus scented mosquito repellent candles or using a citrus soap solution mixed with some mouth wash as a spray can keep the insects away for a while. Have some coils in the open areas of your house the smoke of the coils will help in preventing the love bugs away from you as well as your house. If you have a vegetable garden containing tomatoes potatoes broccoli and peppers etc you will benefit from planting allium alongside them.

You can also plant them in your existing garden if you have. I have a concoction of essential oils that works well for mosquitos and no see ums. Mix lemon eucalyptus oil with water in a small spray bottle and apply it to fabric items you want to keep bugs away from.

Washing the affected areas can secure your home from temporarily from their destruction. Love bugs which can make the walls dirty needs to get cleaned as soon as possible. 10 ways to keep those outdoor bugs away.

If the bugs have entered the house use a vacuum cleaner to catch them and discard them in a bag. Love bug larvae grow in thatch so cut your grass regularly to prevent it from growing long and producing too much thatch. About 3 4 water with almost equal amounts of dish liquid and the mouth wash.

Plants that keep bugs away. There are several plants that can help you with keeping bugs out of your home and yard. How much dishwashing detergent and mouthwash should i use to keep the love bugs away one of our readers laura commented above.

While the oil is usually effective it does not last as long as chemical cleaners re apply the oil every 2 or 3 days for lasting benefits. I was born here but the bugs still love me.

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